Children with special needs

Oral health is a vital component of healthy daily living, but for some children with special needs, establishing a good oral health routine can be difficult. With patience, perseverance and determination, many of these challenges can be overcome. Children with special needs may experience more dental problems due to sensitivities around the mouth, diet, difficulty with brushing, and difficulty accessing dental care. Furthermore, many are seldom able to verbalize complaints about any dental problems they may be experiencing. It is for these reasons that establishing good oral habits at home and taking your child for regular dental check-ups are essential for optimal overall health.

American Pediatric Sedation Center’s dental team takes pride in our ability to care for special needs patients, and we continually educate ourselves in order to serve our patients with the highest standard of care. We recommend children with special needs be seen in the morning when they are well rested and more cooperative.

At American Pediatric Sedation Center, we practice sedation dentistry with a board-certified pediatric dentist who has a sedation license along with a physician anesthesiologist. The goal of sedation is to have all of the child’s dental treatment completed in one appointment, with the child being relaxed and having little to no recollection of the procedure itself. In this way, the patient can have a positive experience while visiting the dentist and furthermore, since treatment can be completed in one visit, it allows treatment to be completed in a timely manner so that cavities don’t progress.


“American Pediatric Sedation Center is amazing!!! Our 6-year-old Autistic boy was traumatized by the last dentist and very scared of any healthcare situation. The team listened and worked with Jr. like he was their own child. God bless them for helping our boy. Thank you so much to each person who went out of their way to make him comfortable and to feel safe.”

– Heidi S.

“Everyone is friendly & welcoming. They know what they are doing, and they keep the parent well-informed. My child was very comfortable, and I am very pleased and happy with the results.”

– Tasha R.

“It was a wonderful experience! Everyone was very kind and informative. They give the kids as little anesthesia as possible. I felt like my son was in great hands.”

– Annie C.

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